25 thoughts on “New Nike promo advert with Cristiano Ronaldo,Ibrahimovich,Fernando Torres,Cannavaro & Arsene Wenger

  1. jasonslow1975

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  2. TheShadowgamer01

    Fernando Torres teached the kid how to score (i guess), Ibrahimovic teached him some skill (against a kid wow), Cristiano Ronaldo teached him how to be fast (yay), Arsene Wenger teached him how to draw (his only talent), Cannavaro teached him how to close a box.
    That kid is now the best in the world!!

  3. aztecabo1

    I love this commercial. Just dreaming to be with the elites. Playing with them. The ending is is what I like to the most. If you want to be elite is to stop dreaming and and start working.

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