Fernando Torres’ Conservative and Vertical Principles Have Become a Key for Atletico de Madrid


Fernando Torres in his career as a player had been managed by multiple coaches with a clear and fairly similar idea, always seeking to play with a lot of verticalities and a preference to defend much lower than higher.

He is a legendary striker for Atletico de Madrid and Liverpool embarked on a career as a coach in 2021 with Atletico de Madrid under-19 that has many similarities to the team of Diego Simeone in addition to what can be seen in the teams where Fernando Torres played in his career. He is the ex-Chelsea man who has managed to win his group in his first campaign in the youth category and is now off to a great start in the Youth League with 5 victories and a defeat in the group stage.

With quite a vertical, clear, and interesting idea, El Nino has started setting out on a road as the head coach that will end up leading him to a path of first-division football. That is the reason he is going to carry out a tactical analysis of his tactics at Atletico de Madrid Under-19 and also the analysis of the team in the game in both phases.

Fernando Torres adopted his defensive search for swap almost within 5-3-2, which covers many outer and central spaces with his back-five, in addition to a hard-working midfield 3 that excellently covers spaces and they shift the block side-to-side every gently.

The defensive line positioning isn’t high, irrespective of the fact that on some occasions they might put pressure on the rival third. Nevertheless, there is something quite short and they always like being zonal and compact with their 5-3-2 that can at times become a 5-2-3.

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