25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres vs Luis Suarez

  1. zogandco95

    LFC haven’t seen the best of Suarez. He has so much more to give, he has been unlucky recently, creating so many chances for himself and his team-mates and hitting the post a few times. It will click and when it does, he’d get the nod over Torres any day.

  2. roxdkzx

    make no mistake, i tink suarez has skills. REALLY GOOD skills. but he goes down too easily. torres has better balance. suarez dribbles more, but torres is more practical in his playing style. plus torres is more accurate. torres heads better too. but suarez can cut in from the side(close to the ball going out and resulting in a goal kick), while torres cant. differents skills, but i will pick torres as a better overall player and scorer

  3. roxdkzx

    many ppl in tis vid only say suarez is better cuz of 2 reasons. 1. suarez is in form while torres has lost it. suarez has not even been at liverpool for a whole season yet so we cant judge properly. torres has had consistency at liverpool before. but just because he lost his form, how can ppl say suarez is better? but i tink the second reason is the main reason. because torres betrayed liverpool. i mean cmon, if u wanna compare, be objective. dun say someone else is better cuz the other left.

  4. glaxglax

    @d4tchGlory wow seriously? thumbs up whoring is like prostitution, you can’t just walk around saying “i’m a whore,” you have to wear tight clothes and walk the streets like hoes in reality. by that i mean you should go back to the drawing board and think of something more clever than “thumbs up for ___”

  5. GreyFox985

    All i can say is, imagine if Torres stayed (and was in form) and opposition defenders had to look at a team sheet that had Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres up front for Liverpool. Absolute Fear….shame.

  6. DTFGful


    I’m a Liverpool fan and I would happily sell Suarez if I could have an in form Torres back at LFC.

    Torres at his best is simply unmatched. Give him the ball inside the box and you’re guaranteed a goal.

    Suarez is more skilled, and helps the team more, but if you want goals, you take Torres.

  7. Meeemmz

    @illuminatiks good point.. i also agree.. BUT, torres also developed himself as a player aswell as he did at Liverpool.. I also support liverpool, and still hate torres, but yeah 😀

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