25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Love The Way You Lie To Liverpool

  1. robzy45

    @nikz200 your a twat mate, we will definately challenge for a top 4 spot this season. if we do finish their (most likely will), then we will bring in a few more BIG signings as we can offer champions league! just you watch.

  2. robzy45

    it hurt but still love him!
    it’s all woy hodgsons fault.. he drove us into the ground, and torres was already sold by the time king kenny came in! if only the king started as manager at the start of the season, we would have torres suarez up front.
    YNWA TORRES, you have done soo much for our club, hope you will return one day!

  3. nikz200

    Its over for us,, we are a mid table team now. Im realistics, i wont lie, we cant get our time back, even with Kenny here….. we’ve been in pain for so many seasons, having our spirits broken, and this season will drive the nail into our coffin…. its the end of Liverpool Fc….. as Liverpool fans, all we can do is stick with our team which we love , even to the ends of the earth and see it through, good or bad…….

  4. LiverpoolComps

    @KonohasOrangeFlash Yeah thats why when Chelsea went to play a game against Malasian 11, who LFC had sold out an 85k stadium against, they couldnt even half fill it and had to give away tickets for free.

  5. LiverpoolComps

    @KonohasOrangeFlash Liverpool, you know that team with 5 european cups? if you dont know them then your even more retarded than you first appear, and thats saying something.

  6. LiverpoolComps

    @KonohasOrangeFlash I dont know who you support, dont really care. But one question. How many european cups have you got? Yeah thought so, doesnt matter what team you support, cause we have more european cups than every other english team.

  7. KonohasOrangeFlash

    @LBALucas111 lol You got history, no that’s ALL you got, you fucking Suck, you’re a Joke of a club, you’re a bigger club, you WERE, like a Million yyears ago, ancient history, Liverwho? fans loves talking about Their Ancient History don’t they, i wonder why *cough* they don’t win a fucking thing *cough*

  8. LBALucas111

    @KonohasOrangeFlash He’s done plenty for yas hasnt he :S. BTW atleast we’ve got history, we’re the bigger club, we’ve the best fans and we’ve the more silverware.


    lol this guy helped liverpool so much. he trashed chelsea 2-0 , man utd 4-1, real madrid 4-0. but yeah thats football, if a player wants to play in big european competitions he shouldnt leave his club for that , but hey… this guy aint english, hes spanish so i can understand. goodluck with carroll liverpool !

  10. blackghost10sg

    if you love someone, you should want him (or her) to be happy, so you let him (or her) go. but in the deepest of your heart, you really don’t want him (or her) to do well after. that’s a normal people. I am a normal people!. lol!

  11. youareamongo

    Ah you Chelski lot can say all you want, during those last 18 months we was backing him through thick and thin, we loved nando and whenever you lot put him down, we was there to defend him. Some of your fans have already jumped on him. Have fun defending him and his piss poor form.

  12. Mupp3t9

    I feel bad for the lad when i see him in a Spain Shirt i cant help but cheer for him. But Fuck the Blues. I hope he gets back on form when he leaves them.

  13. LFCTraynor

    Yes your right, I’d choose Surez and Carroll over Torres anyday and i’m not being biased. It would have been nice to see Torres and Suarez upfront, but he left and I have no idea why. He wanted us to splash the cash to try and win some silverware and that is exactly what we are doing, he chose the worst possible time to leave and even said “I never considered leaving” So obviously he left for the money, but it was a good deal for us and Chelsea were robbed.

  14. LFCTraynor

    “I never considered leaving” January 10th 2011.

    Judas cunt, you wanted us to spend and we did, now were signing class players and it wont be long until we start winning silverware or perhaps even the EPL. You will regret leaving Liverpool, we are moving on to bigger and better things now.

  15. TheRozzzy

    something that liverpool fans have to remember is the fact that when torres played in atletico madrid. man utd and chelsea try to sign him before liverpool but even dough abramovich and ferguson promised more money and glory he chosed liverpool. I think we should remember that and thanks el nino for his time at anfield

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