25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres II Chelsea Story 2011 II HD 1080p

  1. MrVogelz

    4 or 5 seasons left to show himself? anyway, yeah he will show next season what Chelsea is all about and Chelsea will win the league !! GO CHELSEA!

  2. cheelseaoldskool

    Top man, enjoyed VID. I watch CFC live, last year FT done a hell of a lot off the ball, thats why the fans took to him and celerbrated his goal like we’d won something, we know hes a great player…cant wait for August……

  3. gonzalez11122

    Chelsea scum have more money than sense. You would be complete nobodys if that russian prick hadnt come along and bought you. As im sure you have all worked out by now, all the money in the world doesnt guarantee success. Go and waste some more money on players that have passed their sell-by-date

  4. TrueBlueFromPoland

    Torres doesn’t trust himself and that’s all problem. He must be more self-confident! But I believe He is going to score 40 goals next season. 🙂

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