25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Goodbye Liverpool HD

  1. RockyWrightx

    lol i cried when torres left liverpool in my mind and life of growinh up watching football and seeing him play at anfield my favorite striker ever wish he comes back but so unlikely for it to happen we would need to win the pl or cl before he would consider it if only torres and alonso came back i wish and only thing until and if it ever happens is to re create my lfc team on fifa with xabi and torres in it YNWA !!! COME BACK YNWA FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. poetsdontknowit

    chelsea legend gianfranco zola – `he has good spirit, but he doesnt love chelsea, you can buy his service but you can never buy his love for liverpool`

  3. nailpolishlover99

    Liverpool fans- just get over it, goddammit! I understand that it was painful to let him go, and he just shouldn’t have said that bullshit to the media, but now you have another striker, you’re on your way to the Top 10, and Torres is happy too.

  4. CHELSEAFCfukArsenal

    Go back Torres your destiny is with A club in Spain not Chelsea or liverpoo I would be happy if he went back to Spain to his real home not a temporary home in London or Liverpool 🙂

  5. Pirsonek

    Zola on Torres:
    “He has good spirit, but he doesn’t love Chelsea, you can buy his service but you can never buy his love for Liverpool.” COME BACK LIVERPOOL FERNANDO !

  6. kellser1977

    look this was torres 3 to 4 years ago, he has lost 2 or 3 yards of pace now and remember he only tryed in the big games just before he left us, he got pissed of playing with some shite players we got in and dropped his level? that level is gone forever, HE will never be that player again. but i must say the first 2 years with us he was amazing better than rush, owen, flower, because he had lesser players around him.. Also whoever burned that liverpool jersey is a sad fucking mong.

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