Fernando Renews Contract With Atletico

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With the new season most players are trading places and signing up for new clubs.

Fernando Torres is also on his way to signing a new contract, but this time he would be extending his contract with his current club, Atletico Madrid. Fernando started off his career with this club before he joined up Liverpool in the year 2007. This year he has signed to a new contract with Atletico Madrid, agreeing to stay on with the club for another year. Being Spanish international player, he is known to be a striker of repute. He has had an illustrious career so far, having been associated with Chelsea and Liverpool clubs before. Today he is 32 years of age. In 2015 he returned to Atletico from AC Milan. The last season that he spent with Atletico was successful, he having scored 12 goals out of 44 games in which he appeared for the club. The club was ultimately beaten in the Champions League finals but the team did make it to the finals where Fernando’s contributions were significant as well.

Atletico finished in the third position in LA Liga tournament. He is known to play with Antoine Griezmann who is a French international player. The latter has signed to a new deal. He has made about 30 appearances for the club and scored 11 goals in league games. He stated on the official website that he was happy to be part of the Atletico Madrid club. Most fans love his contributions to the club and he has become a point of reference for many of his teammates. The players from the academy look up to him and seek his advice. He has competed at the top level and he has valuable guidance to offer the junior players.