Torres Decides To Stay On With Atletico

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Fernando Torres has been in the news recently as he signs on a new contract, agreeing to stay on with Atletico Madrid team. Known as El Nino, his return to the team is now official.

Hence, even as the summer starts off, he would be playing for the team and even beyond this season. The rumors had been about this, but it has now become official. Fernando Torres has confirmed the same by signing on a new contract with the club. The second half of the last season saw him coming back in form. About 32 years of age, the player helped to spearhead the push that the team did for trying to win the title in La Liga. He contributed to about nine goals that he scored for the team during the tournament. He also helped the team to reach the finals in the Champions League last season, which was the second time for the team in a span of three years.

The season did not see the club winning any trophies, but the boardroom decided that the current squad of players is competitive enough and it is definitely a team that needs to be held back from working on the upcoming matches for the new season. Torres is definitely a big part of that decision. He has thus been awarded a new contract to work with.

There were talks about the player being associated with the long distant future of the club, but finally a one year contract has been formed. The final years that Torres had spent at Liverpool were fraught with injuries and poor form. That was the case during the whole period that he was with Chelsea. He has, however, recovered his form as his last appearances have showcased and fans are enthusiastic to see more performances from him in the future.