25 thoughts on “Why Is Fernando Torres So Bad? | Comments Below feat. Eurofan

  1. real madrid best of Elclasico

    I stop watching video when these son of bitches said, carick over bale and
    mata over silva, I mean seriously bitches???? Silva is one of the finest
    midfielder I have seen in world football he holds the ball brilliantly than
    any others doesn’t matter what team he face 

  2. DH5330

    This seasons he will be back scoring goal (amazing one) , After what happen
    in 10-0 match i can feel it.

  3. Brandon Leiva

    the reason why suarez punched him was because the guy from chile was
    grabbing suarez in his nuts

  4. Isaac Sperrow

    Fingered cross for him being a good player….not great since he still
    never play in a top league like BPL and BBVA . He just like to troll with
    european scouts with some basic skill and shit .

  5. Luke Kitaj

    and torres has won 2 euro cups (game winning goal 2008, golden boot 2012) 1
    champions league 1 europa league 1 world cup 2013 confederations cup golden

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