It is very much expected that Fernando Torres would not be part of the Chelsea first-team for the last 16 Champions League match against Napoli on Tuesday. Fernando Torres was part of the Chelsea first-team in the match against Birmingham City during the weekend.

However, the Spaniard failed to create any major chances and also to score any chances. He was subbed at half-time after the very poor performance, which have led to suggestions that Fernando Torres could be dropped to the bench in favour of Didier Drogba. Didier Drogba made a major difference to the team after coming on in place of Fernando Torres at the start of the second half.

Didier Drogba was absent from the Chelsea team until now due to his participation in the 2012 African cup of nations for Ivory Coast. It was very much expected that Fernando Torres would get the regular opportunity in the first-team, which he has missed sorely upon his arrival at Chelsea. However, he could not make a difference during this period as well, as he struggled to score goals. It has been now 20 matches since Fernando Torres last found the back of the net. He last scored for Chelsea in the Premier league in October.

“He is trying hard. This season shows that he’s had some ups and downs on performance. We had him at a good level at the beginning of the season and at the beginning of January. We will continue to push for that level of performance. We have to help the players reach that level of performance and get to the top level,” Chelsea manager said after the Birmingham City match.

Despite the confidence inspiring talks, there have been reports that Fernando Torres is extremely unhappy after being subbed in the match. His lack of goals has affected his game so much that Spain’s online Euro 2012 odds have slightly dropped off, though they remain slim favourites.

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