25 thoughts on “Torres and kids – Nora and Leo celebrate Euro Victory

  1. KoChAmCR7

    Eee tam, ludzie się tak zachwycają tymi dziećmi. No ładne są, ale Cristiano
    Junior ładniejszy, kto popiera łapkę w górę 🙂

  2. Illy Bro

    Mark, you can go and put that dirty your face in a hole where the sun never
    shines. You say party life affected his career? No, his contract with barca
    was almost finished, and paid well for milan ronaldinho, so he went there.
    I will jump off a cliff while I say all bad words about myself, if you at
    all are as good as Ronaldinho. UNDERSTAND?

  3. themailman43

    It was weird to see Torres playing against Cazorla when Chelsea met Arsenal
    a few days ago.

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