Steven Gerrard is the best player that Fernando Torres has played with

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Steven Gerrard has recently confirmed his decision to hang up his boots and retire from the world of football as an actual player.
The Englishman is now working as the head coach of Liverpool’s youth academy.

Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard played alongside each other from 2007 until 2010 and the Spanish attacker Torres has voiced his thoughts as well as dream of being able to get in a pitch and play with the recent retiree Steven Gerrard who he considers to be as the absolute best teammate that he has ever had.

“He is everything I need on the pitch in one player. I was a big fan of Stevie before I was a Liverpool player, everybody is but playing with him was much better than what I was expecting. It was amazing; he is by far the best player I have played with. I would pay to play with him again. I felt so sorry for Stevie because we didn’t have many chances to win the Premier League, and Liverpool was so close in 2014 after so many years,” Torres said.

In terms of consistency, Steven Gerrard has always had a stable playing career as he spent the majority of his time in Anfield as a player of Liverpool but Fernando Torres on the other hand struggled to stay in his top form after he left Anfield where he would later go on to join various clubs including: Chelsea, Ac.Milan and his current club Athletic Madrid.

In all of those previously mentioned clubs that Fernando Torres joined, he was extremely lackluster while Steven Gerrard on the other hand was consistent throughout the majority of his career ftbllr and it’s one of the reasons of why Torres rates Gerrard so highly who could never lift the Premier League title.