25 thoughts on “Neymar – Nerd Skills 2011 ♛

  1. MegaMad90

    he good, but i hope he do well in real madrid, i think jose morinho want to put neymar left wing to strengthen his left cos ronaldo play in right wing, but i always down with barcelona cos what u need is team work, they got iniesta and xavi to control, passing or event assist, messi, villa, pedro for forward, and legendary puyol and gerard pique as a last man, and all around goal keeper victor valdes, and one of the best assist dani alves, and fabregas is coming to barca n let see the result

  2. GooseberryMk3

    @DaltonMartin10 Well, I agree he’s a very talented player – can’t see him ever playing in the Premiership though unless he builds up a bit.

  3. DaltonMartin10

    @deViezerik That will never happen again, not while the market is so inflated atleast, and certainly not while PSV cant even beat a Portuguese team in the Europa league.

    Do you honestly think PSV can pay 35m+ for Neymar? How about offer Champions league football and challenging for major titles on all front? Certainly not but Chelsea, Madrid and United can

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