25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres Top 20 Goals Liverpool

  1. cwarsame

    Keep an eye out for Rafael @5:34. focking legend rafa. Gesture that made that bitch sam cry……..its finish, done, game over now go and focking cry on red nose`s lab you kocksucker. ps el nino will never be the same without G8, G8 made him at LFC he owes G8 everything.

  2. thesketchadactyl

    This video bums me out so bad..When I heard LFC signed Suarez I was like SWEET JESUS itll be top 5 best strike partnerships in the wolrd.Damn shame.

  3. poisonoustaker16

    may god bless this frustrated guy…perhaps we’ve forgiven,but makes us angry wat ws thr so special at chelsea than at LFC,surely u’d have been among top EPL scorers,wd suarez best assist had u still been here…

  4. CoDGrimeMC

    I support West Ham, but Torres is just a brilliant player. You would just watch Liverpool in the CL to see Torres what he does best. Lost all respect for him when he went to Chelsea. He’s not the same player. I can see us getting promoted, Liverpool back in the CL and Torres going back to Liverpool for 20 million

  5. xavier19522

    I’m a Chelsea Fan and as awful as i feel about FT9 missing that open goal against ManUrine…i gotta admit……number 6 was almost the same thing…..3:44…i’m sure after his class goal 2day he will be scoreing these awesome goal that i’ve just watched here in Chelsea’s next match! Chelsea 4 life…..

  6. sonofelgar

    @chenwfng No player is bigger than the club and his sale to Chelsea is proof of that..Liverpool were here is his and will forever be here..Torres or no Torres

  7. chenwfng

    Liverpool bought the likes of Suarez for the of Torres, he was already bigger than the club before he left and everything Liverpool did they did for Torres. I miss him dearly but it is a thing of the past. I forgive him and hope he can forgive Liverpool too.

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