25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres Screen Time

  1. thxlovesChelsea

    Where’s the Gary Neville’s scream? The goal’s not complete without it 🙁

  2. Anthony Gunasekera

    i swear if Torres looked like Yossi Benayoun, he would have half the fans
    he has now. fkn fan girls

  3. Gabriel Mitran

    people say he is’nt worth 50M but is bale worth 91M ? is Ronaldo worth 94M
    ? is Illaramendi woth 35M ? i’m sorry but if 50M “too much” for torres then
    Bale is what ? … people say dat they spent too much for torres but all
    the clubs are spendig the double for any good player now… anyways FT9 <3
    always trusted Torres and will always do !

  4. Eric O

    I have a lot of respect for Torres. I was against him at one point but he
    always gives it his all on the pitch. When he’s in form he’s amazing but
    it’s only moments of brilliance, we’ve yet to see him have consistency. I
    want him to finish out his contract at Chelsea though. He deserves every
    chance to be the number 1.

  5. Ratchet IV

    hater, just go home man many top players including Torres had a bad moment.
    Forlan , Villa , Messi , Drogba,Van Persie … before you comment, THINK!

  6. lim jia zhen

    We still believe that you can get back to your best,Torres..True blues
    never give up on you.hope u recover fast and start banging more goals!30
    goals this season from u Nando.

  7. tummasm94

    I’m sorry to say it isn’t very much about confidence anymore. It’s about
    speed and physical state. He hasn’t been having low confidence for 3 years.

  8. mikeylovesharuna

    They said he’s a flop, but he played a major part in us winning the
    Champions League and the Europa League and the ‘should have’ European Super
    Cup against Bayern. We always have your back Fernando. #CFC

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