Fernando Torres Is Wanting More Time At Milan

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Fernando Torres is asking for more time to play at Milan and he has the support of club owner Silvio Berlusconi.

The former Prime Minister of Italy, Berlusconi went inside the changing room of Rossoneri during half time at the Sunday match to ask for an introduction of the Chelsea Striker who is on loan.

Within 10 minutes, Coach Pippo Inzhagi introduced the £50 million forward and had the responsibility of starting with Torres at Cagliari. For Milan, Torres has to complete the 90 minutes in six more appearances and has made only one goal. Fernando told the Spanish radio that he is not here to merely pass time.

Torres said that with every passing day, he is feeling better and adapting to a new circle. They are playing three games this week and as the coach needed everyone in this game he had to start the game sitting at the bench. This doesn’t bother his as he is here to leave his mark and not just pass some time. Torres said that he is very proud of what he has achieved after being in Spain and England and for Italy, he would want the same. He hopes that he will go to the nationals as he is prepared to give his best shot.

In all the appearances that he had in Chelsea, he made 110 leagues and scored 20 goals in all of them and he became the main part in the success of the club in the 2012 Champions League. Now, he is supported by Berlusconi who wishes his Milan to play with this famous striker. Torres has a deal with Milan for two years and has the contract with Blues till 2016.

He says that it is hard to choose one league that is the best and each of the clubs has their own advantages and disadvantages. If you consider them as per their organizational and selling powers, then the English league is well ahead of Italy and Spain as they know how to please fans.