25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – He Will Be Back (1080p HD)

  1. AQIB32

    Wont happen in a chelsea shirt, unless you get Benitez. Come back to Liverpool, we have this guy called Suarez, you’ll love him. His name sort of rhymes with yours which is kinda nice. Please come back.
    PS our centre backs wont shag your Mrs, they’re ugly.

  2. poopdeckmanification

    Like this if you don’t give a shit about what people say, Torres is one of the best strikers to ever set foot on a football pitch.

  3. RausageSolls

    Im a Liverpool fan and to every chelsea fan here , Your going to Love him. It’s heartbraking watching the worlds best striker leaver the club you love with all those memories we had in the champions leage with him. Good Luck Fernando! Hopefully Reina can stop some of those top class shots. (Hopefully)

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