Fernando Torres’ future will be decided in this month

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Fernando Torres is currently performing for Athletic Madrid on loan from Ac.Milan. The Spanish player is getting on and off time, there are certain games when Torres starts from the beginning while others where he is simply on the sidelines during the entirety of the game.

Diego Simeone has the option of signing Fernando Torres on a permanent deal if he desires on doing so but taking into consideration the underwhelming performances of Torres, it’s not likely that Simeone will secure the services of Torres on a long-lasting deal.

Out of the 16 appearances that Fernando Torres has made for Athletic Madrid in this season, he has only scored 2 goals and to make matters worse for the Spanish attacker, he recently picked up an injury which will be leaving him out of action for an undetermined period of time.

Athletic Madrid confirmed the injury of Fernando Torres as the Spanish club released a statement on their official website which read: “The striker from Madrid suffers a traumatic injury to the right ankle with joint effusion and bone edema at the anterior margin level of the tibialpilon. He has undergone imaging testing (MRI) and has had an intra-articular infiltration. The striker will undergo a physical therapy treatment and do alternative training in the gym, pending the evolution of his injury’’

Real Madrid and Athletic Madrid were recently banned after it was discovered that they had breached rules involving having signed players who are under the age of 18 and now neither of the Spanish clubs are allowed from adding new players for the upcoming 2 transfer windows.

This FIFA ban forces Diego Simeone on having to make a quick decision regarding whether or not to sign Fernando Torres as the coach will not be able to register new players after January 31. If Simeone decides to not sign Torres, the Spanish attacker will be making his return to Ac.Milan where he has also been struggling to score goals on a consistent basis.