25 thoughts on “FERNANDO TORRES – Chelsea FC – The Come Back 2011 – 1080p HD

  1. 09pranil

    LFC fans stop hating him and dont forget what he has done for u when he was in LFC …..during his transfer to CHELSEA he even said “my loyalty to LFC is the same when i signed it “………

  2. sportykyle

    Okay I’m sure everybody knows this already. SUAREZ is better than TORRES. I have proof! Torres has had 4 years to adapt to the premier league and has played in the prem over 150 times. Suarez however had never played in the prem and could barely speak english. Correct me if I’m wrong but Suarez started off playing for a uruguayan team then moved to gronigen and then to Ajax. The BPL is alot harder to play in than any other. With all that BPL expierience torres scored ONE GOAL. Suarez scored 4 🙂

  3. RishaVideoz

    @JChambersx …. There are very few players who do not get transferred …Torres was no exception…We still love Xabi…he left : its ok..but the manner in which he left..was very disappointing…I mean common he is the Fernando Torres today just coz of Liverpool FC….inspite the fact that he didnt win anything at liverpool he was loved and respected…he cud have left at the end of the season…like xabi who had made his plans long time bak but dint want to put lfc in danger!!

  4. TheAdawg12345

    Just like Michael Owen he left us for the money that little shit as the saying goes you don’t know what you have till you’ve lost it

  5. xRafa7Ronaldo

    @AdrianoHDProductions First, as you can see, you have the opportunity to choose between 480p, 720p HD, 1080p HD. I uploaded my video in 1080p HD. It doesn’t mean that the clips i found from torres are in a good quality. My video is in 1080p HD.

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