25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres ►Is Back◄ •2011/2012• |HD|

  1. waldshoklath

    ”complete ” ..OMG!! you have got to be kidding me david ngog is way better than this torres ,,,,coman i love torres but in chelse he is bad ,,,,you can never compare this torres than livrpool torres…,,,,AREUUUS

  2. 2013newsworldtoday

    Mate I have a lot to learn from you. Can you check out my youtube channel and advice me on how to improve my stuff for youtube standards!

  3. HiddenShaco

    hahaha funniest joke of the year. A more complete player scores less goals and gets little assists, OH YEA!

  4. RunEnabled

    Torres is so bad right now. He can’t score to save his life and loses the ball the instant he touches it. 50 million well spent.

  5. Lee Allen

    I love torres, but he really is not the same player without his pace or confidence he had at Liverpool.

  6. XxILoveGamingxX1

    Ive been a Torres fan Since He Was at Liverpool.He Is Not 2 Good at Chelsea.People Say He sucks,BUT IM ALWAYS A TORRES FAN! >:D

  7. thefives7ar

    You guys are talking about him like he is a shell of his former self. May I remind you that he just won the golden boot at Euro’s 2012. It’s Chelsea’s fault, the midfielders do not supply him the ball when he is making his runs through the middle half. Just watch him when he plays for the Spanish national team, he is not a striker that you set up slowly with around the penalty area, you need to give him a through ball down the middle of the pitch so he can beat the defenders with his pace.

  8. jerak984

    Yea and see how well that works out for him. Utterly garbage now. And moving him to the center won’t change anything either, Chelsea has simply killed his career

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