25 thoughts on “Farewell, Fernando Torres by LFCompilations

  1. LiverpoolComps

    Last home game of the season we pay Chelsea. Fernando, get ready to be forced to witness us lifting the trophy, and get ready to give us a guard of honour !!

  2. iiBloodshed

    “R.Abramovich was seen in a London nightclub yesterday taking the team out for a meal to brighten things up after the PREMIER LEAGUE loss to Man Utd. A young spanish girl walks over JOHN TERRY and asks him to sign her arm, she then asks FRANK LAMPARD to sign her left breast. Then she drops her knickers and says to Abramovich “sign this”. He replies “FUCK OFF, the last time i signed a Spanish cunt, it cost me £50 million”

  3. hestekadaver

    @TOBYMORGAN4 Torres was NEVER booed when he played, EVER!! exept ofcourse by Chelsea fans….
    Torres was loved so very very much in Liverpool. he was an idol, and he was not ever booed at anfield, not once!

  4. clarky1683

    Torres didn’t betray us. Please stop saying he did. He wants to win trophies, but it was a rash decision to leave. The way we’re going with Kenny we could win things next year. I don’t care who he plays for, I’ll always love Torres, and I hope he becomes what he used to be. Good luck Nando. YNWA.

  5. bobatbills

    he didnt win any trophies under liverpool, i love chelsea, i love torres and i love liverpool but for god sakes he moved to liverpool to fulfill his dream of trophies!

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