25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Messi 2011 Remix HD

  1. SnoozieCOD

    Lionel Messi wants to make love to a girl, so he takes her home … In the room he says: “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be right back.”
    few minutes later he returns with two naked men! The girl exclaimed “Who the hell is that?” Messi says nervously, “I’m sorry, but I can not play without Xavi and Iniesta”

  2. Clubpenguinfan2489

    ok i know i am gonna get a lot of hate on this but really Cristiano Ronaldo is better because the only reason people think messi is the best player in the world is because hes: 1. Fast 2. Can score lots of great goals but really ronaldo is better hes: 1. Fast 2. Can do Skills and Tricks 3. Can score lots of good Free Kicks. look whos won! Cristiano Ronaldo for some reason everyone thinks a striker that scores lots of goals is the best REALLY!

  3. Benesma7

    @12829me26465 Looooool . See, since I’m obviously right, it must mean that I’m smarter than you! So it would give more sense that I’m the human and you are some kinda “Ronaldos bitch who can’t face the truth” guy…

  4. rkoman1

    @Alfiepapi well if you can do what messi do, why you don’t play in barcelona and are the 10 ? oh, and be the best goaler in champions league and win all cups

  5. Alfiepapi

    the big diffrence between the legend CR7 and messi is that Cristiano has his own skills and tricks and also has his huge speed witch makes any defender goes crazy and still cant touch the ball…. but messi all he does is running with the ball wishing to reach the goal and scoring a goal cuz simply he has no skills no tricks

  6. FunOrbTeam

    @1TWO3x Dive Maria got awarded the most penalties. All of the penalties were awarded from a dive. Guess who took them?Ronaldo. so if it wasen’t for Di maria ronaldo would have less then 30 goals.

  7. Benesma7

    Mistake 1: How can u say Messi is nothing without barca? If He played in Man U, don’t u think he would be able to do these thing? If not you are wrong!
    Mistake 2: Messi is faster than ronaldo WITH BALL
    Mistake 3: Messis ball control is 10 times better than Ronaldo, since Ronaldo is not able to run as fast as messi WITH THE BALL!
    Mistake 4: Real madrid is owned by the state, which means that they have more money to pay the players.
    Mistake 5: Argentina sees Messi as a god!
    Mistake 6: YOU!

  8. 1TWO3x

    @FunOrbTeam If penalties werent in football then Messi would be dogs bollacks. He runs with ball glued to his feet and ppeople are scared to tackle him fair enough, thats good but Ronaldo has skills, left foot genious, speed . Has so much more skills than messi

  9. 3D38

    watever club ronaldo is in he plays good he makes goal he makes plays he gives good passes and assists.
    now as for messi well he’s nothing without barcelona.
    he cant run as fast as ronaldo.
    he cant hit the ball as hard as ronaldo.
    he cant cant controll the ball as good as ronaldo.
    and ronaldo gets paid like 4 times wat messi does.
    and also in his national team ronaldo is an icon just like every team hes played in.
    messi in his national team is just a shadow.
    Ronaldo #1 ii”Hala Madrid”!!

  10. sbo30061991

    @FunOrbTeam the presence of xavi and iniesta makes a difference. it does have to be assists. plus assists generally come from either wings (villa,pedro..etc) or number 10s (messi). xavi and iniesta are CM they make the play and offer defensive cover in the middlefield.

  11. sbo30061991

    Ronaldo is a more diverse player! Messi just runs with the ball. he is good at keeping it under him all the time. but when it comes to creativty he is outshined by CR7

  12. FunOrbTeam

    @1TWO3x Can Messi play without Xavi and Iniesta? yes. Messi only got 7 assists from Xavi and Iniesta. Messi had more then 25 assists. Double the assists Iniesta and Xavi have combined.

    Can Ronaldo play without Ozil or Dive Maria? No. He got 17 assists from both of them. Not combined. Triple the amount of assists got from Iniesta or Xavi.

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