25 thoughts on “adidas – el reto definitivo – Fernando Torres

  1. Rahadianto Putra

    as far as I know now, he’s not a Nike ambassador anymore. you know T90 has
    been replaced by Hypervenom

  2. Johan Rodriguez

    Torres is was with Spain when this was filmed, they’re kit & team is
    sponsored by Adidas, and during his last season with Chelsea, he made the
    switch to wear Adidas-sponsored cleats. I am not sure why, but it can be a
    possible reason to the fact that Nike has stopped producing T90 cleats
    which were his old cleats to create the HyperVenoms.

  3. Nauris Ozols

    not anymore. Torres and Mata both switched to adidas in Chelsea around the
    same time.

  4. Ricardo Guevara

    no man, torres is sponsored by adidas now, havent you see him play?? now he
    wears adidas predator boots

  5. Beny Nugraha

    See his official website fernando9torres(dot)com and you will find adidas
    is now sponsoring him

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